Pakistan: Supporters protest after Khan shooting

STORY: Former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan said on Friday (November 4) he would resume his protest march to the capital Islamabad... soon as he recovered from being shot in the leg in an apparent assassination attempt.

His supporters staged nationwide protests on Friday, blocking key roads and at times clashing with security forces.

Khan gave a live address from a hospital in Lahore where he has been receiving medical treatment.

"As soon as I get better, I will go back out on the streets, I will give the call again, once more, I will go to Islamabad, because this population, if these thieves take control, and if we accept this, this isn't what Pakistan was made from."

Khan was shot on Thursday (November 3) as he waved to crowds from his convoy. The protest march is calling for early elections and the resignation of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Sharif led a coalition of parties that removed Khan from power through a parliamentary vote in April.

Khan said there were two shooters, and they had killed one person and wounded 11 others.

Supporters gathered at the place where Khan - known by millions around the world as a former star cricket player - was shot.

Witnesses said they also gathered outside the fortified office of the Punjab provincial governor and pelted the gate with stones, destroying security cameras and barriers.

"They want us to get frightened, but we are not scared. Look, we are out here protesting. We are not at all afraid. God willing, we will go to Islamabad with Khan. The more they try to scare us, the more we will come out. The more we will come out."

Khan said three people had devised the plan to assassinate him.

He has named Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and intelligence official Major-General Faisal as the people involved in the attack but has not provided evidence for his allegations.

Sharif and Sanaullah have condemned the attack and deny involvement.