Pakho Chau not confident with winning TV King

16 Dec – Although his name was shortlisted in three categories at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards for his performance in "Wonder Women", Pakho Chau revealed that he is more confident with his chance of winning just one of them.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who is among the finalists for the Best Actor, Most Popular TV Character and Most Popular Theme Song at the said awards, stated that he would not even entertain the idea of being in the top five of the TV King category.

"I am more confident about my chance in the song category. I am a new actor and there are a lot of other outstanding actors nominated. I am just happy to have found this great script and song," he said.

Pakho recorded the song "Free My Love" for the said drama.

When mentioned that screenwriter Ella Chan was singing praises for his performance in the the series, Pakho said that he is thankful for the kind words and support.

"I am confident that the drama can win Best Series," he added.

(Photo Source: Pakho Chau Instagram)