Pakho Chau empties Instagram account

13 Aug – A month after accidentally angering his mainland fans, Pakho Chau decided to empty out his Instagram account.

As reported on Mingpao, since the early hours of 9 August, fans who clicked on his PUNKHIPPIE account would find all 7,000 posts he previously shared all gone, replaced with the words "No Posts Yet" instead.

When asked about it, Pakho's manager stated that the singer is doing fine.

"Please give him some space, okay? Stay Positive, No Worry, Be Happy, Keep Going, Everything will be fine," the manager added.

It is noted that his other social media accounts remain intact.

During an appearance at the premiere of "The Angry Bird Movie 2" in Hong Kong, Pakho kept mum about his Instagram, and only smiled and said "Thank you" when it was mentioned by the media.

Pakho previously angered mainland netizens over a simple post he published in July, in which he reminded his fellow Hong Kong citizens to register to vote. Mainlanders claimed that he was showing his support for HK Independence through said post.

It is noted that Pakho was not the only Hong Kong celebrity bearing the brunt of mainland netizens' ire. TVB actress Ali Lee also found herself explaining to her Chinese fans and anti-Hong Kong Independence that she meant no disrespect when she shared a similar reminder on her social media account.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)