Pair of Hungry Kookaburras Fight Over Snake in Brisbane

A Brisbane resident witnessed the unusual sight of kookaburras fighting over a snake during her daily walk near her home in a city suburb.

Sonya Halliday’s footage, posted February 10, briefly shows the birds tussling, before they settling into a stalemate, with neither bird willing to pass up on lunch.

Speaking to Storyful, Halliday said, “I thought it was a rope at first but when I got a bit closer I confirmed it was definitely a snake.”

After calling a local snake catcher, Halliday revealed that she was shocked to learn that the birds actually eat snakes.

She added, “To think I was concerned about the kookaburras being in danger in the first place, when in reality the snake was really the one in danger with it getting a slow, stretched-out death.” Credit: Sonya Halliday via Storyful