Can this paella robot cook better than a chef?

Can a robot cook paella better than a human?

Paella chef Maria Munoz thinks so

"It is spectacular, very good. It tastes great. And the rice has surprised me."

Location: Madrid, Spain

Spanish company BR5 developed this paella-making robot

featuring an electronically-controlled stove and mechanical arm

Its makers say international hotel chains are interested in the technology

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) FOUNDER OF ROBOT COMPANY BR5 ENRIQUE LILLO, SAYING:"In our country the rice, paella topic is a bit controversial, and we recognize that, but abroad we have been congratulated. People abroad have understood it much better. In the end, this would not exist if chefs and cooks weren't creating recipes. Of course, rice made in a family atmosphere on a Sunday will always taste different. The rice we make with our family, for our friends, is different, we are not aiming to achieving that. Our goal is to travel around the world and be able to eat the same rice that we eat in our country in a different country."

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