Padma Lakshmi shares gorgeous throwback bikini photo: ‘One of those Botticelli chicks’

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Padma Lakshmi took a little time to celebrate the summer-like weather in New York City by posting a throwback photo of herself on the beach on Monday.

“Tryin' to be like one of those Botticelli chicks,” the Top Chef host wrote alongside a series of photos of herself in a purple bikini. “Here are some beach throwbacks for you on this unusually warm day in NYC (70 degrees!!).”

Naturally, many of her fans were quick to compliment Lakshmi’s attitude.

“You are the flow my Queen!!!” one comment read, with another adding, “Like I have said before Natural beauty and like a fine wine! Better with age!”

“Your an exotic stunning woman,” a fan wrote.

“News flash… you're succeeding, not trying!” another added.

Of course, Lakshmi’s “Botticelli chicks” comment is in reference to the 1990s hit film Clueless, during which Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is talking about Tai (Britney Murphy) when she says the famous line, “She’s like one of those Botticelli chicks."

Lakshmi's lighthearted post came a month after a "heartbroken" one, when she announced that she was mourning the death of her grandmother Rajima, always credited by Lakshmi as being her first cooking teacher.

"Rajima lived life serving others. She raised us all. She was my rock and example. She was much more than a grandma, the only one I knew,” Lakshmi wrote in part on Instagram at the time. "I wouldn't have the career I have without her guidance. But more importantly, I would never be who I am without her love & care.”

“You may recognize her from my cookbook cover, or in drawings from Tomatoes for Neela,” she continued. “These last 2 years so many have had such deep loss. I’m thankful for the privilege so many have not had. To say goodbye. Thanks to all those who helped me slip in and out of India against all odds before she passed.”

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