Padel Tennis: The new rage in Saudi Arabia

STORY: 'Padel tennis' is the new rage in Saudi Arabia

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The racket game is a mix of tennis and squash typically played in doubles

with a ball that is similar to a tennis ball with less pressure

Its popularity has quickly skyrocketed across the kingdom

20 sites sprung up across Riyadh within six months of being introduced

but players still need to book well in advance to guarantee a spot

(Ahmad Al-Najim, Saudi Citizen)

"One of the most important reasons for the spread of this game is that it’s very fun and easy to learn. Riyadh city has more than 20 sites to play padel but even so, it is still hard to reserve a court and you have to book in advance, what makes the game popular with a high turnout is that it does not require a high level of fitness, it is really fun and a big group can go and play the game."

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