Pack of elephants scream, scare leopard, chase it away from water in South Africa

A pack of elephants screamed and scared a leopard away from water at Kruger National Park in South Africa on April 12. The filmer said: "While on safari in the Kruger National Park, we came across a large herd of elephants gathered around a large watering hole. We decided to spend a little time watching these giants quenching their thirst. Suddenly I spotted some movement in the nearby grass and to my astonishment, a young male leopard appeared from the long grass into the open. Even though a leopard is no match for an elephant, they are still seen as deadly predators and a threat by the giants. Temperatures were rising and the leopard must have been very thirsty to just walk straight to watering hole surrounded by elephants. The leopard’s attempt to get to the water seemed like a suicide mission to me. It did not take long for one young elephant to spot the leopard. The young male elephant uttered a deep roar before he proceeded to charge the leopard away with an intimidating deep scream. The leopard knew that he'd been busted and stood no chance of getting a drink of water while the elephants were nearby. The leopard immediately turned around and moved away before he stopped and looked at the elephant again as if to say he was not really scared. The bull elephant gave the leopard one last deep warning roar. The leopard finally got the message and disappeared back into the bush."