Pack of Arctic wolves settle for a nap in the afternoon

Arctic wolves are beautiful creatures with long, white fur to help them blend in with their snowy surroundings. They are large and powerful animals with the males reaching a weight of up to 46kg (102lbs). Most Arctic wolves are found in northern Canada. Artic wolves have relatively little fear of people, thought to be due to their infrequent exposure to humans. Although attacks on humans are rare, a few documented cases exist. The Arctic wolf's primary food source is the muskoxen and Arctic hares, although they also feed on caribou and lemmings. Capable hunters, the Arctic wolf has been found on two occasions to have preyed upon polar bear cubs. Beautiful animals, the wolf symbolizes bravery, as in the association with the hunter or the warrior in folklore. They are a vital part of any ecosystem they are part of, maintaining a delicate balance of other animals such as hares, beaver, and caribou. Without them, populations of other creatures would go unchecked and the result to the ecosystem would be disastrous. Studies have shown that without wolves, some areas experience an overpopulation of beavers, and ultimately, rivers and watersheds are permanently changed.