Pacific Pink edge Bren Esports in all-Filipino FSL Dota 2 Open III final

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Pacific Pink win the FSL Dota 2 Open III, their third-straight championship at the FSL Dota 2 Open series. (Photo: FSL Dota 2 Facebook)
Pacific Pink win the FSL Dota 2 Open III, their third-straight championship at the FSL Dota 2 Open series. (Photo: FSL Dota 2 Facebook)

Filipino all-female team Pacific Pink defeated Bren Esports in an intense 2-1 grand final series to win the Female Esports League (FSL) Dota 2 Open III.

Pacific Pink tore through the competition en route to the grand finals, going undefeated in Group C of the four-group, best-of-one round robin group stage held on Saturday (21 November).

In their opening match of the treacherous best-of-one, single elimination playoffs, Pacific Pink made short work of Group B winners PINKBANANACATS! to set up a meeting with Foxy Gaming in the semi-finals.

Pacific Pink then dominated Foxy Gaming in a 31-minute beatdown that ended with a lopsided 38-13 kill score to claim one of the spots in the best-of-three grand finals.

Meanwhile, Bren Esports defeated Spitfire and PHA to face off against Pacific Pink.

Intense first game

In the first game of the grand finals, Pacific Pink drafted for the late game by picking Spectre for their carry player Sherry, with Ember Spirit for Meeri and Snapfire for NM as the space-creating cores.

Bren opted to settle things by the midgame with a tri-core of Sven for Gill, Void Spirit for Jaina, and an offlane Queen of Pain for Hezelya.

Bren came out of the laning phase on top of the net worth chart, which put them in prime position to shut their opponents down by the midgame as planned. While Pacific Pink was able to stall well into the late game, Bren was finally able to break through their defences and take the win after just over an hour of playtime. Gill’s Sven notched a series 24/5/16 KDA in Bren’s game one victory.

Bren picked Spectre for themselves in game two, which Pacific Pink countered with a strong ranged carry duo of Drow Ranger for Sherry and Templar Assassin for Meeri. Once Drow Ranger and Templar Assassin came online by the midgame, Bren had no answer for Pacific Pink’s onslaught and were forced to call GG after just 26 minutes of action.

In the deciding game of the series, Pacific Pink picked Drow Ranger for Sherry once again as part of a mobile, burst-heavy tri-core alongside Meeri’s Puck and NM’s Legion Commander.

Bren opted for a greedy tri-core of Juggernaut for Gill, Queen of Pain for Jaina, and an offlane Windranger for Hezelya.

Meeri had a masterful performance to seal the deal for Pacific Pink, as she repeatedly picked off Bren’s heroes and prevented them from getting being able to gather any momentum.

That gave Sherry’s Drow Ranger the space to farm up then mow down Bren’s towers, forcing the GG call from Bren after 41 minutes and winning the tournament for Pacific Pink.

Meeri had a stellar 16/1/16 KDA on her Puck in the decider, with Sherry pitching in with a solid 12/3/13 line.

With their win, Pacific Pink take the lion’s share of SG$350 out of the SG$500 prize pool, with Bren taking SG$150, and both Foxy Gaming and PHA earning SG$50 in consolation.

This also marks Pacific Pink’s third-straight championship at the FSL Dota 2 Open, having won the first two iterations of the tournament in June and August earlier this year.

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