Pa. man Justin Mohn allegedly displayed father’s decapitated head on YouTube

A Pennsylvania man accused of murdering his father seemingly showed off his decapitated head in a grisly YouTube video — also rife with calls for revolution, political violence and condemnations of the Biden administration — hours before his arrest.

Justin Mohn is facing charges of first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse and possessing an instrument of crime with intent in connection with the slaying of his father, Michael Mohn, Middletown Police Capt. Pete Feeney told NBC News.

He was taken into custody Tuesday night after authorities were called around 7 p.m. to a home in Bucks County, where they discovered the elder Mohn “deceased in the bathroom,” according to a statement from the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

After the killing, Justin allegedly posted a video to YouTube in which he outlined his reasons for the deadly violence over the course of nearly 15 minutes. He tells viewers that his father, a federal employee of more than 20 years, was a “traitor to his country” who is “now in hell for eternity,” according to a small clip shared online. Justin went on to refer to himself as a militia leader before calling for the death of other federal employees and violence against President Biden’s administration, ABC 6 reported.

“The federal government of America has declared war on its citizens and the American states,” he says in the video. “America is rotting from the inside out as far left, woke mobs rampage our once prosperous cities.”

Justin, wearing gloves at one point, can also be seen holding what he says is his father’s head in a plastic bag, which later appears in a cooking pot, according to NBC. He further rails against the Black Lives Matter movement, the LGBTQ community and antifa activists in the clip, which remained on YouTube for hours. It was viewed upwards of 5,000 times before it was stripped from the platform.

Police arrested Justin in Fort Indiantown Gap, which bills itself as “America’s busiest National Guard training center,” in Lebanon County. It’s about 100 miles from the crime scene, and the reason he was in the area is unclear.

Justin was arraigned early Wednesday and ordered held without bond. He is scheduled to be transferred to the Bucks County Jail and his next court appearance is slated for February 8.