Ozzy Osbourne Releases His Full Halftime Performance From the Rams Game That NBC Cut Short (Video)

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Many heavy metal fans were left disappointed after NBC cut away from Ozzy Osbourne’s performance at the recent Rams home opener, but fret not. The rock star has shared the video of his performance on YouTube.

In the 7 minute, 21 second video, Ozzy rises up from underneath the stage to join his band in a performance of his new single, “Patient No. 9” mixed with his classic, “Crazy Train.”

Social media reaction from fans when Ozzy’s show was cut short was strong, with one user writing, “Don’t get me wrong I’m invested in this game but the audacity for NBC to only show 2 seconds of Ozzy’s performance is absolutely criminal I’m actually offended.”

“NBC thinking we’d rather hear a 1st half recap than Ozzy Osbourne’s performance is… puzzling,” another fan tweeted.

Still another fan shared: “Wtf was that? You say “here’s Ozzy Osbourne” cut to him for 5 seconds then back to the half time recap no one cares about? Thanks NBC. #NFLKickoff.”

“The @NFL and @NBC need to immediately apologize to both Ozzy & the millions watching for not showing his halftime performance. No excuses!” another fan wrote.

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