Owl whisperer's conversation with wild owl caught on night vision camera

The Galápagos Islands are famous for many things, and one of the most remarkable is the fearlessness of the wildlife. This is a barn owl, one of two species on the Island of Santa Cruz. On a very dark night, this owl could be heard in the distance as it called out. Cameron has spent a great deal of time studying and imitating owls in various locations around the world. He has had considerable success with enticing owls near. Often they perch in a tree close by and answer his calls. Cameron traveled to Santa Cruz to experience the wildlife on land and in the ocean, but it was unexpected that he would have an opportunity to meet one of the local owls. Cameron listened to the unique call in the distance. Convinced that it was an owl, he called back. The owl called in response a few times and was then silent. Within minutes, this beautiful bird had closed the distance and was perched extremely close to him. Using a dim light source and a camera equipped with night vision capabilities, the owl was captured on video. Cameron repeats the "hiss" that the bird makes and the bird seems extremely interested. It answers him several times, with one of the exchanges being caught on film. The owl sat and looked at him curiously for several minutes before Cameron decided to leave and let the owl focus on hunting. Shortly after dark the following evening, Cameron stood at the edge of the woods and called out onto the night. Almost instantly, a distant call was heard. Again, the owl appeared and watched him as he hissed. The two had another conversation. Cameron slowly and quietly walked to the tree that the owl was perched in and he found that the owl was not only unafraid, but it moved closer as well. This encounter was not recorded, but Cameron and the owl were less than 1m (3 feet) apart by the end of the exchange. Another owl also arrived and perched close by. It appears that this was a mating pair. Cameron decided again to keep the encounter short in order to not distract the birds from their feeding routine. Barn owls of the Galápagos Islands are smaller owls with a wing span of 68cm (2.5 feet). Because they are nocturnal, and generally shy, the barn owl is rarely seen by visitors or even locals on the islands. To catch one on video at such close range is a very rare occurrence.