'Overwhelmed': Son on Texan mother's halted execution

STORY: The court announced the decision two days before her scheduled execution by lethal injection, following new evidence that Lucio's lawyers say proves her 2-year-old daughter died in 2007 after an accidental fall, not because of child abuse. The appeals court ordered a lower county court to reconsider the evidence.

"I am grateful the Court has given me the chance to live and prove my innocence," Lucio said in a statement provided by the Innocence Project, whose lawyers are helping defend her.

Her son John described the family's excitement when they heard the appeals court decision and looked forward to hugging her again, as she has only been allowed no-contact visits on death row.

He also said they won't stop fighting until Lucio is freed from prison.

Lucio's lawyers say a coerced and false confession after hours of police interrogation led to her 2008 conviction.

Lucio had called 911 to report that her daughter was unresponsive at her apartment in Harlingen, Texas. The toddler's death came two days after she fell down a flight of stairs, but the jury were never told about the fall during the trial.

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