Overwatch 2's high skin prices are here to stay as executive producer says it's 'sustainable'

 Kiriko holding out a mic.
Kiriko holding out a mic.

Overwatch 2's executive producer, Jared Neuss, assured fans that the current skin and bundle model is here to stay, reflecting that it's a "sustainable" practice for Blizzard to keep going.

Over Blizzcon 2023, TRG was able to sit down and talk with Jared Neuss concerning all things Overwatch 2, whether this be the new LeSserafim collaboration or the shift to pricey skins and bundles.

"Over the last year, we've made a lot of changes to the way that we monetize the game to the way that we release skins and other content," Neuss says. "I think it is sustainable. I mean, there are loads of games that do this exact same thing."

Overwatch 2 has seen plenty of changes since the sequel was first introduced a year ago, but one of the most infamous ones surrounds the updates store page and all the new and expensive bundles that can be found in it.

Initially, many players were shocked to find out just how much money is needed to buy even the old Overwatch skins; you'd have to play 327 years of Overwatch 2 to get these for free or pay $10,000. Since then, the price of new skins has only seemed to increase.

The newest bundle that can be found in the Overwatch 2 store is the LeSserafim K-pop collaboration. This includes five new skins, items, and victory poses for Brigitte, Tracer, Kiriko, D.Va, and Sombra. Players can either buy these skins individually for 2500 coins or $25/ £21/ AUD$39, or they can buy the five-skin bundle for 6800 coins, which is $67/ £58/ AUD$104. This is a pretty price to pay for a few new skins and some items.

Nevertheless, it seems like this will be the future of Overwatch 2, with prices like these being a regular occurrence for all sorts of skins, not just collabs.

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