Overwatch 2 veteran makes a damning calculation about in-game rewards

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 Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

An Overwatch 2 veteran has run some sums and come up with a wild calculation.

If you have been playing Overwatch 2 since its launch last year in October, completing every weekly challenge if you went, you'd only now have accrued enough Coins to purchase one Legendary skin. No, that's not a Legendary skin bundle, but just a single top-tier character skin.

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What's more, this would only be possible if you hadn't spent a single penny of the in-game currency whatsoever. It's pretty wild to think that a player could be grinding away for well over half a year and barely come away with one in-game skin, even if it is a Legendary-tier one.

The problem originates from the fact that you don't earn Coins from the in-game Battle Pass. Coins are only earned through weekly challenges, while Credits are earned via the Battle Pass, meaning the only method of earning Coins is forced down a sort of bottleneck as a trickle.

The reaction to the discovery isn't going down well on Twitter. "A skin!!! Not bad, after... eight months?" writes one user, while another adds, "This is criminal." Well, not literally criminal, but more the case of where the vibes feel off, and criminal.

This is just the latest wave of bad news surrounding Overwatch 2, after Blizzard announced it had cancelled the sequel's dedicated PvE mode. Despite reassurances from a senior developer that lots of PvE content would still make it into Overwatch 2, the game's player base isn't happy with the cancellation.

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