Overnight Storm Dumps Mounds of Hail Over Northern Colorado

An overnight storm left mounds of hail in northern Colorado on Thursday, July 28, after the National Weather Service (NWS) warned of destructive storms and “apple-sized” hail in the area.

This footage, captured by Marcia Rothschild, shows scenes in Estes Park on Wednesday night and the following morning, as crews worked to plow the hail off roadways. Rothschild told Storyful the hail was so heavy she thought it would damage her home.

“I thought our skylight windows were going to crack. We heard glass break in the area, but it wasn’t our home, thankfully,” she said.

In response to the heavy hailstorm, Estes Park Police Department posted images of the hail on Facebook, asking: “Who had ‘Elkhorn Avenue impassable in July’ on their 2022 bingo cards?” Credit: Marcia Rothschild via Storyful

Video transcript


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