Over Rs 49 lakhs seized in Delhi

New Delhi [India], Jan 13 (ANI): A man, his father and another person were found carrying over Rs 49 lakh cash in their vehicle, claiming that the money was for business purposes on Monday.

The Static Surveillance Team leader Atul Goel of Assembly constituency-60 (Krishna Nagar) was deployed at check post, Arjun Nagar. While checking the vehicles on January 13, he intercepted a vehicle for routine checking, read a statement.

On checking, it was found that they were carrying cash to the tune of Rs 49,16,020. They claimed that the amount was carried by them for business purpose. However, the Static Surveillance Team leader informed Rajiv Kumar, Returning Officer AC-60 (Krishna Nagar)/SDM (Gandhi Nagar), and was advised hand over the cash to Delhi Police.

The Returning Officer also informed the Income Tax Department about the seizure of cash. The Income Tax Department and Delhi Police are taking further steps in this regard. (ANI)