Over 200 young people volunteer in fight against Nairobi's waste problem

Youth volunteers from Embakasi, a division of Nairobi, joined forces with local police on July 11, in a community clean-up exercise. Footage shows volunteers cleaning uncollected waste from the streets of Mukuru Kwa Njenga, a slum in the east of Kenya's capital. The scheme, which has been running for two years, is organised in partnership with the Salvation Army, national government administration, and police. A total of 200 volunteers took part in the clean up. Among those leading the volunteers is David Abima, a County Police Commander, Martin Mugambi from the Institute for Social Accountability, and Stephen Okoth, the Community Policing Secretary. Uncollected solid waste is one of Nairobi’s most challenging environmental problems, especially in low and middle-income areas, where there is no waste collection system in place. According to local media, the Nairobi county government has acknowledged it cannot manage the 2,475 tons of waste being produced each day.