Outrage over school bully video clip

[UPDATED] This video isn’t for the faint of heart. 

The Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign (MCAC) yesterday posted a video showing a group of teenage bullies beating up a schoolboy on its Facebook page. 

The 92-second video was reposted on the Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) page, who asked anyone with information connected to the case to contact them.  The video opens with a group of school boys smiling and shouting in front of the camera.

Not too long after the "drama" unfolds, showing the victim, clad in a secondary school uniform and carrying a school bag, who is clearly clueless about his fate.  Until, that is, one of the four bullies starts attacking the boy with a series of punches and kicks.  The victim covers his face to avoid the attacks and is pushed to the wall before the two other boys join in. 

In the background, one of the bullies starts cheering. "Bagi Ziq, bagi  Ziq," he yells, coaxing his friend to continue with the attack.  The victim also gets a waste paper basket thrown at him before somebody steps in to stop the beating. 

The video has triggered a massive response from the public, resulting in a comment from the MCAC urging the public to let the police do their job and investigate the matter thoroughly.  “We do not want to have a case of mistaken identity; the wrong boy gets identified and vigilantes go and hurt him," they said.

The police meanwhile, learnt that the video clip went viral on social media sites from March 3.

On its Facebook page, they said the issue has been resolved with the cooperation of the school and the district education office. The result?

The three boys responsible for the incident have been expelled from school and to date, PDRM has yet received reports from the involved parties.

The video has caused a furore on on the MCAC FB page.

A user Jay Sivam said, "What a shame! Parents are to be blamed as well for this kind of upbringing.”

Janelle Leong said that the amount of rage the video caused her is enough “for me to be able to take down those disgusting animals”.
"PDRM should could easily trace with school badge on the uniform if only are they serious," said Nm Anand.

Adli Arifin commented , "I will pass on my martial arts knowledge to my kids for them to have control over themselves and to stand up for themselves if they got into this kind of situation. Lucky for the victim those bullies don’t even know how to punch or kick properly. Hope they get caught and be punished accordingly."

Celina Teo called the incident “a disgrace” and bemoaned what’s happening to “our beloved country”.

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