Outlawed Russian rights group 'won't give up'

The Supreme Court on Tuesday (December 28) ordered Memorial International, Russia's oldest human rights group, to disband for failing to operate rigourously under the designation "foreign agent."

Jan Raczynski, chairman of Memorial's board, told Reuters in an interview at its Moscow headquarters that a way would be found a way would be found to continue documenting Soviet-era crimes such as Joseph Stalin's "Great Terror" as well as modern-day abuses.

Critics say the legal assault on Memorial is an attempt to whitewash the darkest chapters of the Soviet Union, which do not chime with the Kremlin's narrative of a resurgent Russia with nothing to be ashamed of.

A state prosecutor told Tuesday's court hearing that Memorial had promoted an image of the Soviet Union as a "terrorist state".

Raczynski said it was "obvious" that the Soviet Union had been a terrorist state, describing its past as one of "mass human rights violations."

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