“OutDaughtered”’s Danielle and Adam Learn They Have the 'Hardest' Love Languages to Match: 'Opposites Attract' (Exclusive)

“OutDaughtered”’s Danielle and Adam Learn They Have the 'Hardest' Love Languages to Match: 'Opposites Attract' (Exclusive)

"Literally, his top two are my bottom two," Danielle Busby says of her husband's love languages in PEOPLE's exclusive clip of the June 11 episode

Are OutDaughtered's Danielle and Adam Busby compatible?

The longtime couple, who share six daughters, 13-year-old Blayke and 9-year-old quintuplets Riley, Ava, Olivia, Parker and Hazel, are taking some well-deserved time to themselves on the June 11 episode of OutDaughtered, but they're finding new challenges everywhere they go.

While attending a couples' retreat, Danielle, 40, and Adam, 41, realize that their love languages are the exact opposite of each other — and, according to a professional, that can create a lot of problems.

In PEOPLE's exclusive look at the episode, Danielle says that her love language is "acts of service, because ever since I've been a child, I've had to do so much for myself that – for someone to take the load off of me is a huge weight of love."

Something as simple as "going to start washing laundry because you know I do it and you know it'd help me out" is an act of love for her. "That shows me love. That’s how I understand love," she adds.

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Adam, on the other hand, says that his love languages are "words of affirmation and then physical touch," leading his wife to realize, "Literally, his top two are my bottom two."

The retreat leader tells the group of couples that of all the five love languages — physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts and quality time — physical touch can be the trickiest one.

<p> TLC</p> Danielle and Adam Busby attend a couples' retreat in the June 11 episode of TLC's 'OutDaughtered'


Danielle and Adam Busby attend a couples' retreat in the June 11 episode of TLC's 'OutDaughtered'

"If someone is a very high touch person and that's what they need, and the other person is a very low touch person, that's very challenging because we can't fake that part, right?" she says. "It’s really about that intimacy about being connected. But when your partner needs that, you have to work 10 times harder than any other love language."

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In a confessional, Adam reacts to what he learned at the retreat, as he says with a smile, "They say opposites attract. So I mean, there's definitely some attraction there."

He continues, "But it's — it makes things a lot [more] difficult and you know, there's some flare-ups from time to time, but love, and marriage, takes work."

<p> TLC</p> Danielle and Adam Busby in TLC's 'OutDaughtered'


Danielle and Adam Busby in TLC's 'OutDaughtered'

Danielle similarly reflects on what she's learned, as she says of her past, "How I grew up, we're not lovey-dovey sisters and whatnot. But we still love each other. And I love Adam and his family and they are more lovey-dovey, and that's strange to me, but you know, we can be aware of it and put the other before ourselves, and hopefully it'll make these acts of loving easier."

After establishing that Danielle and Adam represent the "hardest" matches — someone who prioritizes physical touch, and someone who doesn't — she says, "Love languages are so important —because if you know it and you do nothing about it, problems start."

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