Oud makers celebrate the ancient instrument

STORY: Riyadh's recent oud exhibition was a haven for

lovers of the ancient stringed instrument

Date: March 11, 2023

in a country where the public appreciation

of music has been slow to make an entrance

Locator: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

(Ali al-Ali, Exhibition visitor)

“Thank God, now with the openness and development that we are witnessing and the interest in music and artists from everywhere in the world, everyone is benefiting from this exhibition and this openness. It made it easier for artists as previously oud makers would work remotely, and people would buy the oud remotely, now you can buy your oud after you test it out with your own hands. If you bought it remotely, you might not like it, but now thank God, everything is available, and we have lots of choices.”

The three-day exhibition was aimed at

preserving the history of the ancient instrument

with 13 pavilions displaying different types

of ouds, some valued at more than $2,500

Saudi society has seen relaxed restrictions

for such events in recent years