Osprey Fledgling Recorded Attempting to Fly

A seven-week-old osprey was caught on camera attempting to fly from a crowded nest in Colorado, video uploaded on July 18 shows.

Footage recorded by Barry Stevenson shows the young osprey take off for just a few seconds, before the rookie flyer crash-lands into its siblings. Stevenson told Storyful, “I have been watching them for days. This is the first flight attempt I witnessed.”

According to Stevenson, the nest is built atop a pedestrian bridge in Roaring Fork Valley.

“Within a few weeks, the growing chicks will start to fly with their parents,” Stevenson told Storyful. “The osprey mating pair returns to this same nest each summer to raise a new family of 2 to 4 chicks.” Credit: Barry Stevenson via Storyful

Video transcript


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