Oscars 2023: The Best, Most Hilarious Twitter Reactions To The Ceremony

oscars reactions
oscars reactions

The Oscars 2023 have everyone in celebratory spirits. Understandably so, as there are so many films deserving of awards this year. Let’s look at some of the best reactions and Oscars 2023 memes on Twitter.

The film industry is cutthroat. It’s filled with hardworking individuals working hard to get their products recognised, and there are only so many films that can fit into the time slots waiting to be played on the silver screen. The Oscars give flowers to the people that manage to showcase their talents with their films. This is why it’s one of the biggest accolades a person working in film can receive, and why everyone is celebrating when the film they love wins.

Filled with plenty of emotion the year after The Slap, here are the best, most hilarious and most heartfelt Twitter reactions and memes to the 2023 Oscars.


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Oscars 2023: Twitter reactions and memes

Did you catch this awkward interaction?

But also this


Andrew Garfield wins most gif-able moment at the 2023 Oscars

Legends supporting legends

Michelle Yeoh looks amazing always

Still won a place in our hearts

Can’t believe it took The Academy this long—95 years, really?

James Hong deserves all the flowers

When Bollywood gets nominated for a musical category, all the others might as well pack it up

Oh, Jenny

True story

Look at the pure joy on his face

Also same

That dresssss

Lastly, just to put things in perspective for you:

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