Orphaned Zebra Foal and Volunteer Share a 'Special Bond'

Friendships can blossom between anyone, even members of different species – just ask Gosia Zdziechowska, a volunteer who fostered a special bond with an orphaned zebra foal while working at a wildlife rehabilitation center in South Africa.

The zebra, named Kicker, was rescued at just two weeks old. The foal had developed pneumonia, and was brought to the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to recuperate, according to animal lover Zdziechowska.

Zdziechowska met Kicker when he was two months old during her volunteer stint at the sanctuary, in Limpopo province. Funnily enough, the pair didn’t hit it off right away.

“I loved babysitting him, but I had to be careful, because he kicked a lot. Hence his name. With time he started to like me, then love me and we soon got very close to each other. When he fell asleep (standing up), he cuddled his head to my knees. Once when he was lying on the grass, I joined him, and he put his head on my knees. From this point we used to lie down together. He used to come to me, almost as if to say: follow me and then lie down next to me. When I lay down next to him, he put his head on my chest or lap. I cuddled my very special zebra. We have a special bond,” Zdziechowska explained.

Zdziechowska often posts videos of the rescued animals she works with to her YouTube channel, Polish Dr Dolittle. Credit: Gosia Zdziechowska via Storyful

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