‘Orphan: First Kill': Esther Terrorizes Another Family in Trailer for Horror Prequel (Video)

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Over a decade after audiences were rocked by the shocking twist at the core of the 2009 horror film “Orphan,” the story of Esther continues in the new prequel “Orphan: First Kill,” with a debut trailer offering a look at Isabelle Fuhrman reprising her killer lead role.

In “Orphan,” Fuhrman played a young Estonian child adopted by a family who actually turned out to be a 33-year-old woman. In “Orphan: First Kill,” we follow this “Esther” as she escapes from an Estonian psychiatric facility, travels to America and impersonates the missing daughter of a wealthy family — all before the events of the 2009 film.

The mother, played by Julia Stiles, begins to suspect all is not well with her daughter, all while Esther plots another murderous rampage. Rossif Sutherland also stars.

“Orphan: First Kill” is directed by William Brent Bell from a screenplay by David Coggeshall with a story by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Alex Mace. The film is produced by Alex Mace, Hal Sadoff, Ethan Erwin, James Tomlinson, and executive produced by Jen Gorton, Josie Liang, Victor Moyers, Kyle Irving, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, Daryl Katz, Chloe Katz and Paul Marcaccio. The film is licensed internationally by Sierra/Affinity.

Rated R for bloody violence, language and brief sexual content, “Orphan: First Kill” will be released in select theaters, on digital and on Paramount+ on Aug. 19, 2022.

Watch the trailer in the video above.

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