New Orleans protesters throw bust of slave owner into Mississippi River

On Saturday (June 13) protesters in New Orleans tore down the bust of a slave owner and threw it into the Mississippi River.

Footage shows a crowd rolling the bust down the rocky banks of the Mississippi River and into the water after it was removed from Duncan Plaza.

@sensitivepapi posted the clip to Twitter with the caption: "Another statue of a slave owner relocated to a more appropriate venue. Bye John McDonogh!"

He told Newsflare: "The John McDonough bust, sanitizing a slaveholder’s life, had no business being in that park. Some say it’s history—but history is best expressed through books and courses providing proper context, not a celebratory monument. Others say it’s art—but it’s less art than a three-dimensional illustration of limited aesthetic merit. Black lives matter.”

Police did not identify the bust but local media identified it as John McDonogh.