Organisers to ban Olympic spectators - report

Olympic organizers are poised to ban all spectators from the Games.

That's according to Japan's Asahi newspaper on Thursday.

Organizers were set to formally reach the decision on spectators during five-way talks between key parties to be held later in the evening.

The International Olympic Committee's head, Thomas Bach, arrived in Tokyo earlier in the day and was set to chair that meeting.

It's the latest blow to the troubled Summer Games, already delayed by a year because of the pandemic and plagued by a series of setbacks, including massive budget blowouts.

Japan is also preparing to declare a state of emergency for Tokyo that will coincide with its hosting of the event.

Medical experts have said for weeks that having no spectators at the Games would be the least risky option.

There's been widespread public concern that the influx of thousands of athletes and officials will fuel a fresh wave of infections.

Organizers have already banned overseas spectators and have for now set a cap on domestic viewers at 50% of capacity, up to 10,000 people.

Anyone wanting to support athletes has been told to do so by clapping rather than cheering or singing.

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