Orcas Delight Onlookers as They Swim Under Fox Island Pier

A pod of orcas thrilled onlookers on Fox Island, Washington State, the creatures putting on a remarkable display as they breached repeatedly.

Footage filmed by David Cope, who said the event occurred on June 2, shows the orcas at Fox Island fishing pier.

In the footage, the pod of adult and calves are seen swimming close to the surface and breaching. Credit: David Cope via Storyful

Video transcript

- Wow.

- Are you kidding me?


- He's gonna be right here.

- Oh.

- Holy crud. Thank you, guys.

- You know they can hear us through the water, because we're on the pier here.

- We love you.


- You guys are all recording? [INAUDIBLE]

- Whoa.

- So beautiful.

- Hi, baby.

- Hi, baby.


- Oh my God.


- Hi, handsome.


- They're over here.

- They're over here. They're over here. They're right here.

- Oh. Wow, my God, this is like Shamu.

- What the [BLEEP].

- Oh my God.

- What the heck.

- They're so close.

- It's OK.

- Mom, bring yourself over here. Oh.

- Whoa.

- Oh, they're going to go to the narrows. Oh my God. Mom, come over here.

- My day is made.

- Is someone doing--

- My life is made.

- That's it. Nothing can top this. Wow, they're so close.

- Did you get videos, pr did you get just--

- I've got a video of the whole thing.

- You got both?

- Oh.

- Oh, so wonderful.

- That's insane.

- Thank you.

- Thank you, orcas.

- We love you. We love you so much.

- Oh my God. They're so cute. They're huge.

- Oh my God.

- Do you know that we can get down there?

- I've never seen them--

- Did someone drop this?

- Oh, that was me. Thank you.

- Oh, no.

- Sorry.

- Seriously?

- I was running, OK.

- I don't think I've ever been so happy in my life. I could probably just die right now and be fine.


- Told you I don't do cardio for a reason. Oh.

- Oh my God.

- It is. It's so cool.

- Put a fork in me.


- Stab me with the spoon, please. Oh.

- I know, right.


- That's absolutely insane.

- I think-- Are they done? I don't think they are.

- I am buzzing inside.

- I'm freaking out, that's insane.

- Get ready for a breach, [INAUDIBLE].

- A breach? Oh.

- They were doing backfilps.

- Oh, they were throwing a show. They threw-- They got so close.

- They went under.

- That's insane. I-- Oh.


- I only saw four. I didn't know see-

- I'm so happy.

- Where's the other four? Are they just gone? Oh, they're just hanging around.


- I don't think I--

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