Orban to pope: Don't let Christian values perish

An unusual and very short trip to Hungary by Pope Francis on Sunday, made with little fanfare and no live television coverage, underlines the rift between the pope and a man who is very different in his political leanings:

Hungary's nationalist and anti-immigrant Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The two men met for only about 40 minutes. Orban later posted a picture to his Facebook page of the two shaking hands. Orban said in a Facebook comment that he had asked the pope to, quote, "not to let Christian Hungary perish."

Orban has often said that Hungary's Christian identity is under threat by Muslim immigration. To contrast, Pope Francis often denounces what he views as nationalist and populist movements, and criticizes countries that try to solve immigration issues with isolationist policies.

The pope was only in Budapest for a total of seven hours.

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