Orangutan released after being trapped in village

Jala received a medical checkup before being transported by foot through the forest and by boat on a river before his release in a conservation forest of Tanagupa in Gunung Palung National Park in western Borneo.

Conflicts between communities and orangutans have been on the rise, with the apes' habitat shrinking due to land use, according to the group involved in the transfer, International Animal Rescue.

The conservation forest should be safe for Jala as it has a low density of orangutans, lots of plants for foraging and is far from settlements, according to the head of the national park, Ari Wibawanto.

Several special areas have also been set aside for orangutans inside Tanagupa to boost their chances for survival, according to the environment and forestry ministry.

There are an estimated 104,700 Bornean orangutans, down from about 230,000 a century ago, making them endangered, according to the WWF.

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