Orange probes French emergency call outage

Orange says it is investigating an outage that blocked calls to emergency services in France.

The country's biggest telecoms operator saw service disrupted from Wednesday (June 2) into Thursday (June 3).

France's health minister says it's too soon to say whether the outage is linked to three or four deaths that occurred during the period.

On Friday (June 4) Orange boss Stephane Richard said an internal probe would report back within seven days.

He said the firm had teams mobilised to watch for any new problems.

But the incident leaves Richard under huge political pressure.

President Emmanuel Macron has said he is "very concerned" by what happened.

And the French government and a state bank are together the firm's biggest shareholder, giving them leverage to act.

The reason for the outage remains mysterious.

Richard says it wasn't an attack or malicious act, and says there's no sign of human error or maintenance failures.