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Oprah’s ‘favorite’ tote looks ‘like a more expensive bag’ and right now it's $20, a sweet 50% off

'Schlep a lot of stuff' with this trendy nautical tote — on sale just in time for spring and summer.

Every year Oprah lets us into her world and gives us a peek into the products she loves with her annual Favorite Things list. When one of the items is fit for a billionaire, but priced for the rest of us, we get pretty excited. One of the 2023 standouts was this chic and practical canvas nautical tote, which looks almost identical to the stunning (and much more expensive) Paravel Cabana Tote. The big difference between the two is Oprah's pick is on sale for just $20 on Amazon! Hang on, we're gonna do the math ... that's 50% off — saving you boatloads of money on this trendy, all-purpose bag.

This canvas tote is so chic, yet so practical. You can use on a boat, at the beach, on an airplane or at the farmers market. Subtle details, like pebble vegan leather accents, give it a high-end look. 

$20 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

Aside from being a top-notch Oprah recommendation (when Lady O speaks, we listen), this deal couldn't be more perfectly timed. The typical Amazon price for this versatile bag is around $40, but we've seen it go as high as $80 earlier this year. While you might see a sale like this in the dead of winter, it's rare to see something priced so low just when you need it. This is the ultimate spring and summer bag. To see it go on sale at just the right time makes it a deal worth jumping on.

Why do I need this?

While it's not impossible to find a canvas tote that won't break the bank, finding one that's Oprah-approved, and that's so on-trend and stylish is quite another thing.

“It’s just right for the person in your life who needs to schlep a lot of stuff,” said Miss O said it herself. “You get a lot of bang for your buck with this cotton canvas tote: smart-looking, with vegan leather accents. Doesn’t it look like a more expensive bag?”

This canvas number is lightweight but sturdy, making it ideal for daily use. Plus, its nylon shoulder handle is easy to clean and adds that pop of color to anything you wear. If you love staying organized, you'll be pleased to find that it has an internal zipper pocket and two slide-in pockets, as well as a snap exterior pocket.

Oprah's favorite tote bag on sale on Amazon
Oprah included this affordable canvas tote in her 2023 Favorite Things list, so you know it's the real deal. (Getty, Amazon)

What reviewers say:

Oprah's not the only person who's obsessed with this canvas tote. Amazon shoppers also give it their stamp of approval with one reviewer admitting she got the 4-1-1 on this gem from Oprah's iconic list.

"Oprah really picked a great bag," the five-star reviewer wrote. "[It has] room for everything. Will make a great weekend bag or carry-on."

If you're worried that the affordable price tag may translate to inferior quality, several reviewers say you'll be wowed by the craftsmanship and durability of this bag. "This tote is not only beautiful, but it is also a high-quality tote," one impressed shopper said. "I've used this grocery shopping and added heavy items to the bag, and it was still easy to carry and fairly light."

Another shopper added that she was pleased to see that it's also "well constructed and lined."

A few reviewers mentioned that it's a bit larger than expected, but some admitted that they've grown to appreciate the size since it fits everything they need and makes the bag much more versatile.

It also comes in this gorgeous version with nautical blue accents that are perfect for a beach or boat day.

$20 at Amazon

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