Opposition's stages hunger strike against 'rigid' behaviour of Telangana govt

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], June 14 (ANI): Opposition leaders on Sunday sat on a hunger strike against the "rigid" behaviour of the Telangana government.

Congress leader and former Member of Parliament V Hanumantha Rao and CPI former Rajya Sabha MP Aziz Pasha sat on the hunger strike at the Rao's residence.

"It has been six years that TRS came into power but they are focusing on other projects like Mallanna Sagar and Gandu Pochamma Sagar. Why are they not focusing on our projects? Today, we all sat against the dictatorship of Chief Minister. All the authorities with respect to their positions are completely under the control of the Chief Minister. This kind of intimidating behaviour will not work any longer," Rao told ANI.

"He was confidently saying this state has less positive cases but what happened now. In this pandemic situation, you put the other hospitals to sleep and put all pressure on Gandhi Hospital. What is the doctor's mistake? You have to test the person even who is dead, conduct the autopsy and know the reason behind for that person's death," he said.

Pasha said that his party is supporting a hunger strike against the behaviour of state government alleging that they are not being allowed to visit projects.

"When two people went to see Dummagudem project they were arrested at Yellandhu guest house. They didn't allow them to go and see. What is the harm? Everybody has a right to go and see things. The government doesn't want anybody to go and discuss with the Chief Minister. The leader used to go and meet CM of AP once in a fortnight. Now he is not allowing anyone, they are requesting from last two to three years. He is very rigid to meet the opposition," he said. (ANI)