OPINION - Why are people so entitled in London's gyms? Learn some manners

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I’m not being funny but… why does this world have so many overprivileged w****rs? Hear me out! I’ve been hitting the gym hard these past few months and I love it. Can’t say I love it when I’m in the middle of it and my trainer Dan pushes me out of my comfort zone, but I do love the way it makes me feel afterwards.

I’m in a better physical shape than I have been in a very long time and with that, I’m in a great mental space too. Physical wellbeing is very closely connected to mental wellbeing, which is one of the reasons why gyms in this country are so popular. So why are they filled with arrogant assholes?

It seems like the more you pay for your membership, the more entitlement you can expect. We all know the type of person. Not generalising here, but certain people out there, a lot of them with backne caused by “supplements”, don’t like it if you don’t fit their own criteria. Everyone has to start somewhere right?

We’ve all had our “first” day at the gym. Just last week I saw two guys at my gym who were commenting about someone next to them who was a little overweight. I confronted them, told them they needed to sort themselves out. My trainer was laughing as I picked a fight with them but at the end of the day it’s that behaviour that can make others aggressive.

It seems like the more you pay for your membership, the more entitlement you can expect from others

I wasn’t quite aggressive but… imagine how it must have made that guy feel? Because he definitely knew they were talking about him. He might go home and think “maybe I’ll skip tomorrow just this once” and then slowly stop going.

Imagine how much better it would feel for everyone if they spurred him on. Even gave him a couple of friendly pointers if he was open to it. Your confidence would go through the roof! It takes nothing to smile and say hello to people. We’ve all had that Pretty Woman experience in a store, whether it’s Urban Outfitters or Gucci. That sales associate who thinks they’re Miuccia Prada or Kim Jones, looking you up and down as they ask if you need any help. What they mean to say is “what are you doing in here?”. Big mistake… HUGE! Stop judging a book by its cover. Or better yet, stop judging at all and just get on with your day with a smile on your face.

On paper, gyms are meant to make you feel better. You go to a Pure Gym or Anytime Fitness and everyone’s mostly getting on with it, happy to be there. As you pay more, you get access to more services and classes that can really boost your self-esteem, of course. You wouldn’t be paying more if there weren’t any added bonuses. But if you do decide to pay a premium, just think a bit more about how you come across. It doesn’t entitle you to be a t**t.

Hate to say it but those CrossFit w****rs do one thing right. No one bigs you up more than that lot. No matter your shape, size or abilities. They know how to do it. Can’t believe I’ve just given a compliment to people who do CrossFit.

There’s no better mental stimulus than physical exercise. Even as little as 20 minutes of exercise a day will improve energy levels. You’ll feel less tension, stress and mental fatigue. I know I take a lot of my stress out on those vile Bulgarian split squats my trainer gets me to do.

Exercising even regulates your appetite so you naturally want to eat moderate portions and healthier foods. The motivation I’ve built for myself is something I never thought I’d achieve.

One of the biggest benefits for me personally? It regulates my ADHD. Studies have shown it can have as much an effect as medication and I’ve got to say, it really keeps me focused throughout the week.

Anyway most of us probably know all this — so again, explain to me. Why be such an arrogant asshole at the gym?

See you next Wednesday.

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