OPINION - London Pride 2024: Look at the attacks on our trans siblings and tell me we don't need Pride


I’m not being funny but… it’s Pride this Saturday. I know, I know, I touched on the corporate side of things a few weeks ago, but as a queer man living in the times we’re living in, I just have a few more things to say.

A lot of us take Pride for granted these days. You hear in the press or comments section of your favourite social media platforms “why isn’t there straight Pride?” or “why do you still need Pride?” and those comments are ignorant. Are we in a better place than we were 50 years ago? Of course! But as we’ve seen with this Prime Minister (that’s right I’m f***ing getting political this week), the concept of turning people against each other for political gain is as strong as ever.

Previously gays used to be the target, people of colour too. Well now it’s my trans and non-binary siblings. The Government is recklessly making them out to be some sort of aggressor whereas in actual fact all they want — all any of us want — is to be left to live our lives without prejudice. It’s not a hard concept to understand!

The Government is recklessly painting our trans and non-binary siblings as if they are aggressors

Yeah, there are nuances and I’m not going to go into those today, but the foundation is so simple. Just treat others how you would want to be treated. And for us to have a PM who blatantly wants to turn us against each other is vile. I’m over it! Homophobic attacks are constantly on the rise now and that’s in no small part due to his rhetoric.

Abuse being hurled at queer people in Dalston daily, knife attacks in Clapham last year. How is that happening IN LONDON! This goes for you too Sadiq, don’t think we’re not all wondering where you’ve been since the election… besides a Taylor Swift concert. Get on with the job, mate. We take for granted how great Pride in London really is. When I was last in Ibiza, they had their Pride happening. There were about 30 white men all waving the outdated rainbow flags. It was kind of depressing.

The London event is as inclusive as it should be, it’s huge with over a million people coming together to watch the parade and celebrate. It’s not perfect. London definitely brings its own criticism. Now I love it, it’s my favourite time of the year, but at the end of the day it is mostly a celebration (despite Westminster Council’s constant fight to shut down any kind of fun happening whatsoever).

Seeing LGBTQ+ people celebrated by the rest of the world for a day is incredible, the only thing is the element of protest during Pride in London ain’t all that anymore sadly. They have a theme each year which is great, but Pride is and should always be political first.

The amazing work of London Trans+ Pride and Black Pride stand out for me here. As organisations they really know how to take a stand and have clear messaging on what needs to happen in order for us to achieve equality.

I strongly urge you to support either of those.

Listen, some of the most creative people in history are queer and we live each day perhaps without knowing the influence they have had on us. Alan Turing was punished for loving when he should have been honoured for being a big part of the reason why we’re not all speaking German.

Trans electronic goddess Sophie was taken far too early, but her impression on other artists to create will live on for years. You have Freddie Mercury or Janelle Monae, Elliot Page or Robert Mapplethorpe — I mean the list is endless. Whether it’s the arts we’re celebrating or the right for women and people of colour fighting for equity and equality, members of my community have always taken a stand for what they believe in. And today I am honouring that. Happy Pride everyone.

See you next Wednesday.

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