Opera singer who survived 5 bullet woulds to sing national anthem at pivotal UKR-ITA EURO 2024 game

Serhiy Ivanchuk
Serhiy Ivanchuk

Opera singer Serhiy Ivanchuk will perform the Ukrainian national anthem of Ukraine ahead of the critical EURO 2024 qualifying match between Ukraine and Italy on Nov. 20, the Ukrainian Association of Football announced.

Ivanchuk studied to be an opera singer in Italy, but after the full-scale invasion, he returned to Ukraine, where he delivered humanitarian aid and evacuated people from the war zones in Kharkiv and Sumy oblasts.

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He came under fire from an enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group and sustained five bullet wounds on March 10.

"One of the bullets pierced his lung," the UAF said in the post.

“Serhiy fought for his life to the last and, thanks to Ukrainian surgeons, not only survived but also started singing again.

Now Serhiy is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation in Germany, where he regularly holds charity events and concerts. Thanks to them, the singer managed to raise and help Ukraine for more than 2 million euros ($2.2 million).”

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After the match, a charity auction will be held on Ivanchuk's Instagram page, where T-shirts and balls signed by the Ukrainian national team will be auctioned off.

Earlier, the Ukrainian national team defeated Polish Lechia in a friendly match (2-0).

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