This open-world JRPG has Marvel's Spider-Man movement and it's instantly become one of my most-anticipated games

 Project Mugen
Project Mugen

An eye-catching open-world RPG that blends Genshin Impact with GTA 5 has its first trailer and info.

Last week, Project Mugen garnered a lot of attention when it was first unveiled by NetEase and developer Naked Rain. The game looked like it was coming for Genshin Impact's crown of open-world anime RPGs, and after a countdown, we finally have our first full trailer for Project Mugen, seen just below.

The trailer stitches together many of the snippets we saw last week when Project Mugen was first announced. We can see characters jaunting around vibrant, neon-soaked cityscapes, employing some absolutely wild traversal methods with Spider-Man-like web-slinging and running along skyscrapers.

The trouble is, this vibrant world is becoming "messed up," most likely as a result of people's dreams somehow becoming realities. It looks like our cast of anime characters is going up against otherworldly forces in Project Mugen, which makes it all the more enticing.

This is also our first glimpse at combat in Project Mugen, which looks fast and furious. Real-time battles take place with four characters against enemies, and we can see our heroes picking up and lobbing things like cars at enemy troops as if they were nothing at all.

"Project Mugen is our love letter to urban fantasies. We wanted to create a world that players could relate to, yet find enough mysteries to keep them coming back. The city is alive, and every player will have their unique journey through it," says Riten Huang, senior marketing director at Thunder Fire Studio, the parent company of developer Naked Rain.

There's still no release date for Project Mugen, but we know it'll be coming to PC, PS5, PS4, and smartphone devices alike when it eventually launches. The game's website is now finally live, after just playing lo-fi chill beats last week, and you can pre-register for Project Mugen there.

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