Oops! South Carolina player inexplicably tosses ball in celebration before crossing goal line

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The Troy vs. South Carolina game brought us one of the wackiest plays you will ever see.

Troy, trailing 20-14, had the ball in the red zone and was looking to potentially take the lead. Facing a third-and-9 from the South Carolina 18, Troy QB Taylor Powell dropped back to pass but was drilled by a Gamecocks defender, who jarred the ball free.

A South Carolina defensive lineman picked up the loose ball, only to fumble it himself. From there, another South Carolina player — defensive back Jahmar Brown — scooped up that fumble and was off to the races.

Brown appeared to have an easy touchdown. But there was a problem. He tossed the ball up in the air in celebration before crossing the goal line.

The play was reviewed and clearly showed that Brown had not yet entered the end zone. And because the ball bounced through the back of the end zone, the result of that crazy play was a touchback, giving the ball back to Troy at its own 20-yard line.

To recap, the play went like this: Troy fumble, South Carolina fumble recovery, South Carolina fumble, South Carolina fumble recovery, South Carolina fumble, touchback.

Only in college football.

You’d think that college football players would learn not to do this, too. It’s something that has happened numerous times over the years. This one from the Oregon vs. Utah game from 2014 was one of the more notable examples.

Hold on to the ball through the end zone, people!

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