Ontario schools shut as education workers strike

STORY: The walkout by the workers, which include educational assistants, secretaries and library workers, forced hundreds of schools to keep their doors shut on Friday.

The Toronto District School Board, Canada's largest with 247,000 students in 583 schools under its supervision, has said that all its schools would stay closed while the strike continues.

Premier Doug Ford's right-leaning has passed a controversial law to force a contract on some workers, preventing them to go on strike in order to keep classrooms open after COVID-19 disruptions.

The legislation, which passed into law on Thursday, has been criticized for allowing the provincial government o override certain aspects of Canada's Charter of Rights, which protects employees right to form unions.

"The proactive use of the notwithstanding clause is actually an attack on people's fundamental rights, and in this case, is an attack on one of the most basic rights available that of collective bargaining," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters in Toronto on Friday.