This is the only Star Wars Jedi: Survivor error code that you'll actually want to see

 Star Wars Jedi Survivor Turgle
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Turgle

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has its share of bugs and glitches, but this might be the only one you can take some legitimate pride in discovering.

A clip doing the rounds on Twitter shows a Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player leap across a massive canyon using what I can only assume is some form of Force power, and when they land on the other side they're met with an error code warning an "unexpected error" had occurred.

"You seem to have bypassed certain story elements. Continuing to play from this point may encounter issues," reads the error screen. "If you choose to proceed anyway, loading any future saves from the title screen will give you the option to reload prior to this point."

From there, the player is given two options: "Continue from the last good save. You may lose some progress but will avoid game-breaking issues," or "Continue in the broken state. This is not recommended. Things will likely be broken."

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I think my favorite part of this, aside from "things will likely be broken," is that the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor devs respect their players enough to give them the choice to sequence break their own game if it's what they want to do. Most developers would simply patch something like this out, but instead intrepid explorers (and speedrunners, let's be honest) have the option to venture ever-further into uncharted waters, risking their save files in the process but satisfying their unending thirst for adventure.

Or, maybe, the developers just figured it's easier to write this little message than to go back and fix the exploit. The world may never know.

Jedi: Survivor is out in the wild, but there are still a bunch of upcoming Star Wars games on the not too distant horizon.