Onlookers Capture Moment Last Section of Fort Wayne's Oldest Hospital Falls in Demolition

The last remaining section of the oldest hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana, was demolished on Thursday, November 3, as seen in footage shared online.

According to local news reports, the St. Joseph Hospital building, which was originally built in 1838 as a hotel, became Fort Wayne’s first hospital and was run by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ nuns for 145 years.

Footage captured by Josh Ade shows the structure falling to the ground as onlookers watch from a distance. Local news said community members camped out for days in anticipation of the demolition.

Local news reported that a new hospital was opened in 2021 to replace the St. Joseph Hospital. Credit: Josh Ade via Storyful

Video transcript

- Here we go.


- Woo! Nice!


Woo! Nice! Oh, that was awesome! Good job, boys!

- Do it again!



- What's your name?

- I work there.


- Nice. We got a nice crowd of people here.


- Woo!

- I feel like we won the Super Bowl.

- That was awesome!