The online tool helping pedestrians find shady routes around Barcelona

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Summers can be hot in Barcelona!

Barcelona summers can be particularly hot. Fortunately, a handy tool has just launched online to help pedestrians find shady routes, places to shelter and drinking fountains in part of the Catalan capital, and at any time of day.

The city of Barcelona has launched a major plan to combat climate change through various measures and initiatives. One handy online tool offering a helping hand to pedestrians is Cool Walks. Rather than calculating routes based on available public transport or walking times, this practical online application calculates routes in relation to sun exposure.

The aim is to offer pedestrians the most shaded routes possible. Users simply select a starting point and an arrival point, and enter the time of day (morning, early or late afternoon), and the desired level of sun exposure. You could, for example, search for a fast route, whether or not there are many shaded areas, or look for a good compromise between speed and shade. There's even a "vampire" mode for routes with the least possible amount of sun exposure. The tool then proposes various itineraries to meet those needs. It's even possible to see a map of drinking fountains and places to shelter from the sun nearby. Each time, the tool also indicates the percentage of the route during which pedestrians will be fully exposed to the sun.

For the moment, this map only covers a small part of the city -- the seaside district of La Barceloneta -- although the aim is to expand the service to the whole of Barcelona.

Check out Cool Walks:

David Bénard

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