Online skeptics think Princess of Wales video showed a body double

Skepticism about Catherine, Princess of Wales is alive and well as journalists, celebrities and more continue to speculate that the recent footage and snaps of her were actually just lookalikes.

A video published by TMZ Monday purports to be the first footage of the 42-year-old royal after she underwent “successful” abdominal surgery in January, but many in the media believe it was actually just a lookalike.

“Disturbing that newspapers like The Times are reporting this as fact,” wrote Sonja McLaughlan, who presents rugby for the BBC and Amazon Prime Video, in a since-deleted tweet, per The Telegraph.

“It’s so obviously not Kate. Some newspapers are reporting it as fact. But it’s not her. No conspiracy theorist but all very odd,” claimed McLaughlan, who’s since made her account private.

“That ain’t Kate….” tweeted “Real Housewives” executive producer and professional pot-stirrer Andy Cohen.

The footage from this week shows a smiling couple — believed to be Kate and Prince William — walking and chatting as they leave a shop near their Windsor home.

“It’s grainy; it looks like a Bigfoot sighting,” Alyssa Farah Griffin said on “The View” this week when discussing the clip.

“That’s her body double,” added Sunny Hostin. “It’s definitely a security issue. So every royal has a body double, so if you really close in on that video … it’s very clear that the profile is not Kate.”

Hostin also wondered why, if the princess was still recovering, she was carrying a heavy bag.

Some have theorized that Heidi Agan, “the U.K.’s most realistic Kate Middleton look-alike,” as her website brands her, was the one bouncing alongside the Prince of Wales, 41.

“It wasn’t me. I was actually at work. I think it is 100% her,” Agan told TMZ Tuesday.

The site’s founder, Harvey Levin, told polarizing broadcaster Piers Morgan on Tuesday’s “Uncensored” that Americans are consumed with the royals at the moment “because it’s a mystery.”

Despite a Kensington Palace announcement in January that Kate would not return to public duties until after Easter, the princess’ scarcity has spurred many memes and conspiracy theories — including the claim that she is comatose due to complications from the procedure. The palace has dismissed the speculation and said Kate is “doing well.”

The “radio silence” regarding Kate’s health in and out of the palace has only been exacerbated by the palace releasing an admittedly Photoshopped photo of the royal last week, an image that was then pulled by news outlets.