Online seller sells durian shells for RM0.18, says can be used to 'punish husband'

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 15 — A seller on Shopee has found an innovative way to use durian shells — to punish a spouse.

The vendor swshop88 gave instructions on how many durian shells a wife should buy if she wanted to punish her husband.

1 piece for kneeling on one knee (an insincere marriage proposal).

2 pieces for coming home late from work.

3 pieces for hiding money.

4 pieces for hiding money and playing dumb.

5 pieces for going out and flirting around (lying directly face down is encouraged).

6 pieces for being caught having an affair.

7 pieces for going outside without a mask.

8 pieces for not following Covid SOPs.

The individual husks are sold at RM0.18 per piece, how the husks are used for punishment is left up to the buyer.

To date, there have been five purchases of the husks including one of its satisfied customers leaving a five-star review.

"Boss heng heng, the Musang King durian shell doesn't hurt when I kneel, I will use it when I have a girlfriend, thank you boss," the buyer wrote.

"Wish that you will get a girlfriend and wife early for richness and prosperity!" the seller responded.

The seller also included a link in the description to buy fresh durians, for those looking to use a durian normally.

The beloved ‘king of the fruits’ is savoured for its creamy flesh, its spiky husk protects it from animals in the wild.

Protection aside, the husk can also be used to remove "durian breath" by gargling salt water mixed inside the walls holding the durian flesh.