OnePlus Open could take on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 with this display improvement

 OnePlus V Fold leaked renders
OnePlus V Fold leaked renders

How do you loosen Samsung's grip on the market for the best foldable phones? If you're OnePlus, you reportedly try to take on devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 with a foldable of your own that promises much sharper displays.

At least, that's the word out of China where a leaker known as Digital Chat Station claims that an upcoming foldable from OnePlus and Oppo will offer the largest pixel density display of any foldable phone.

Digital Chat Station doesn't specifically reference the OnePlus Open, a foldable device that's confirmed to be coming at some point this year, even if its original August 29 ship date has reportedly been delayed. Instead, Digital Chat Station's leak refers to the Oppo Find N3, an upcoming foldable from a Chinese device maker that's owned by the same parent company as OnePlus.

So why should that interest people wanting to know more about the OnePlus Open? Because, as Android Authority notes in its story on Digital Chat Station's claims, the OnePlus Open is expected by many to be a variation of the Oppo Find N3 released for a global audience.

OnePlus Open display specs
OnePlus Open display specs

Based on the resolutions being bandied about, we had better hope the OnePlus Open mirrors the Oppo Find N3's specs. Digital Chat Station says the 7.82-inch inner display will offer a resolution of 2268 × 2440. That translates to 426 pixels per inch. In contrast, the 7.6-inch screen on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 boasts a resolution of 2176 x 1812 and a 373 ppi pixel density.

The outer display on the Oppo/OnePlus foldable should also pack in more pixels, with Digital Chat Station claiming a resolution of 2484 x 1116 for the 6.3-inch panel. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 has a 6.2-inch cover display with a 2316 x 904 resolution.

Like the Galaxy Z Fold 5, the Oppo Find N3 — and by extension, the OnePlus Open — is designed like a conventional smartphone that opens up like a book to reveal a much larger interior display. We're expecting the OnePlus Open to feature a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor much like the Galaxy Z Fold 5, so OnePlus may be looking to differentiate itself from the Samsung foldable in other ways. That could include sharper displays to go with the OnePlus Open's rumored camera specs of a 50MP main camera joined by a 48MP ultrawide shooter and a 32MP telephoto lens. OnePlus may also try to undercut the Galaxy Z Fold 5's $1,799 starting price.

While details about the potential screen specs for the OnePlus Open circulated, we also heard another rumor about the would-be colors OnePlus is considering for its new foldable. Leaker Max Jambor says the new phone is likely to come in Voyage Black and Emerald Eclipse, continuing the black and green variations OnePlus offers with its OnePlus 11 flagship.

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