One year into the pandemic - wages holding steady for retail cashiers

Greenwich HR
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During March 2021, the advertised pay levels for cashier positions across the US was $11.25 per hour, only 1.3% higher than one year previously. Labor market intelligence firm Greenwich.HR analyzed advertised pay levels for over 70 thousand online job listings across 415 metro and rural markets. They found that across the US wages for this bellwether hourly position have remained constant in spite of difficulties employers are having as they try to fill jobs and increased pressure in many cities and states calling for higher minimum wage.

“While pay levels for cashier positions specifically, and retail hourly positions in general, have fluctuated over the course of the pandemic, those fluctuations stabilized fairly quickly,’ Says Cary Sparrow, CEO of Greenwich.HR. “As more retail and hospitality businesses open back up, we may see more wage pressure due to insufficient labor, but so far that does not seem to be the case.”

Of the 415 metro and rural areas included in the analysis, 225 regions saw advertised pay levels increase, while 190 had declines. Los Angeles led the metros with the largest increases at 27.8%.

This analysis is based on job listing data from March 2020 and March 2021. Greenwich.HR tracks the hiring and pay behaviors of over 4.1 million organizations. Additional analytics of companies’ hiring patterns is available from Greenwich.HR through Yahoo Finance Plus. Not a subscriber? Start your free trial today.*

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