One Starfield dev has to keep their new tattoo hidden until launch because it's a spoiler


A lead Starfield dev says he's got a great new tattoo dedicated to the game, but he can't show it off because it's a spoiler.

Starfield design director Emil Pagliarulo tweeted to say that he got a tattoo depicting his upcoming game earlier this week. Clearly he's very fond of the work; he says "I love it. Clean. Simple. Powerful." Unfortunately, we'll have to take his word for it, at least for now, because "it's something I can't show or talk about until release, because spoilers!"

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Given that Starfield isn't set to launch until September 6, Pagliarulo seems to have committed to a long-sleeve summer. That's quite the self-discipline, especially since the dev says "it's not like it's a HUGE spoiler. But anything unreleased is a spoiler, and not my prerogative to share."

Pagliarulo is amassing quite the collection of Bethesda tattoos, telling fans that he boasts a Dark Brotherhood Listener symbol on his left arm and binary code spelling out a reference to Fallout 4's Synths on the back of his neck.

We're set to learn more about Starfield in exactly one month, thanks to the Starfield Direct taking place on June 11. In the meantime, much of the information we're getting about Bethesda's upcoming RPG stems from Starfield's ESRB rating, which provided, among other things, evidence of some truly dreadful pillow-talk. There's a decent amount of pressure on that showcase, especially after Redfall's rough release led Xbox chief Phil Spencer to reassure Starfield fans that that game was in a better spot.

Starfield is under more pressure than ever to perform after Redfall.