One of Queen Elizabeth II's most iconic belongings is up for sale

 Queen Elizabeth II range rover.
Queen Elizabeth II range rover.

The late Queen Elizabeth's luxurious L322 Range Rover is up for auction starting in November, and the starting price is honestly much lower than we anticipated - however, it is expected to be purchased for a generous sum. 

The late Queen Elizabeth II was pictured driving the vehicle on various occasions

The car will be going up for auction at the The NEC Classic Motor Show Sale, hosted by Iconic Auctioneers - and is anticipated to sell in the range of £50,000 to £60,000 - which, all things considered, doesn't seem too extravagant for historic royal memorabilia.

The car is 19 years old and has 100,000 miles on it, but is is said to be in good condition, according to a YouTube video that detailed the car's selling characteristics.

Charles Smalley, who heads the auctioning of this vehicle, describes it as having the following capabilities: "Dual rear window switches and rear grab handles to assist with entry and exit, a common feature on Royal 4x4s."

Additionally, ownership has been traced back to the Queen and confirmed by authoriries, with the car being seen driven by the Queen in video footage, and the license plate number is the exact same.

In case you don't believe it, they are willing to provide video footage of Her Majesty driving the vehicle.

"Video footage of HM Queen Elizabeth driving this particular Range Rover has now been located with the number plate clearly visible, ending earlier assumptions and confirming its heritage," the listing notes. "Copies of the video are available upon request."

queen elizabeth
queen elizabeth

Owning the Queen's old Land Rover would certainly be quite the conversation piece, and the auction listing really drives this point home in the description of the historic vehicle. "Remaining in excellent condition throughout and with confirmed Royal ownership, this is one Range Rover that has, and will, stand out from the crowd," it says.

And, for those wondering, the Queen did often get behind the wheel and was well known for driving a range of Land Rovers throughout her reign - and while it was reported back in 2019 that she was set to give up driving on public roads, it's believed that Her Majesty still regularly drove herself on her private land.

Land Rovers also have a long standing history with the royals, according to BBC.

"There was this really strong connection with Jaguars and Land Rovers and Rovers with the Royal Family," car journalist Quentin Willson told them. "This workman-like, studious, reliable, unflappable piece of engineering that worked really well and sent out all the right messages."